History of Harwoods

Founded by James Harwood Dew (Jim) and his wife Janice, Harwoods of London was established in the middle of a world recession. Prior to this they were successful publicans of a most beautiful and idyllic public house and restaurant located in the heart of Kent.

Whilst at the pub Jim had an unexpected major operation and as a result had to give up the business as he was not expected to recover. Survive he did and whilst in remission got fed up being at home and decided to start a new business. After all, he said, he'd nothing to loose, due to his health he was unemployable and lucky to be alive. His two sons were very enthusiastic for Dad to go back to his roots as a greengrocer. He'd had twenty five years of experience supplying fresh produce to the catering industry and James had always wanted to be a greengrocer just like his Dad.

Jim decided that his new family run business would be smaller than before enabling a more personal service catering for the chefs differing personal needs. In November 1989 Harwoods of London (Wholesale Greengrocers) was formed with just four customers. It wasn't long before word and his reputation got round and the business increased. Jim's old van is still kept on the fleet in his memory.

Sadly in 1995 Jim's health declined and in March 1997 after much suffering he passed away but not before his grandson was born "to carry on the good work" he said.

The family carried on even though it was difficult as Jim was the key man behind Harwoods and everyone missed him and his humour. Janice wanted to retire and in March 1998 James took over the business with his wife Patricia.

James and Patricia continued to work hard and increase the trade moving with the times and moving to larger customized premises. Harwoods of London has continued to grow slowly but surely and it still remains a family run business whose customer care and attention will carry it forward to the twenty first century and beyond.

History of Harwoods Of London