Here are some useful produce related links

Eat Seasonably
Eat Seasonably - for advice on what to eat at what time of the year!
Produced in Kent
Produced in Kent - a membership organisation dedicated to championing local food
Morghew Potatoes
Morghew Gourmet Potatoes - great potatoes from the Garden of England.
Westland Nurseries
Westland Nurseries - micro leaves and other exciting creations
Chalke Valley Watercress
Chalke Valley Watercress - our favourite watercress grower in the UK
G's Growers
G's Growers - G's produce a great source of UK and imported produce
Potato Lovers
Potato Lovers - potatoes for frying. Our favourite is the well known 'Lovers for Chipping'
Livesey Bros
Livesey Bros - exotic mushrooms are a main line in our product list and we are proud to supply products from this grower
Friday Street Farm
Friday Street Farm - asparagus growers in Kent that really do know their stuff
Koppert Cress
Koppert Cress - a grower of cress and it does not stop at just cress!! Take a look
Ponthier - not only well known for the best for vacuum packed chestnuts during the festive time of year but we are also proud to be able to offer their range of chilled fruit puree
Herbfresh & Village Herbs - two of our dedicated fresh herb suppliers
Les Vergers Boiron
Les vergers Boiron - we also supply a whole range of their frozen fruit puree
Harwoods Of Kent
Harwoods of Kent - we also like to keep it in the family. No need for any clues other that its in the name!